Music Friday: Somnus


I have finally finished Final Fantasy XV’s main story. I have tons of stuff pending to do, but it’s time for a little break – it’s basically all I have played since almost two weeks ago. Speaking of playing, go ahead and “play” the following video but do keep in mind to avoid the post-end “recommendations“. If you haven’t yet finished XV, spoilers are aplenty.

Today I’ll share a theme from XV, but don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler. It’s the title screen music. It plays while you decide if you want to play a new game or continue one, or perhaps choose to tweak the game’s options? Some may even wanna just wait in the title screen to listen to this theme.

XV’s full OST does not disappoint… but I rather not talk much about it. Heck, I am still concerned that Youtube’s recommendation algorithm might end up spoiling an important battle or even the ending to those of you who haven’t played the game fully yet.


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