Diadem Weapons

What a time to decide to return to blogging, eh?

This morning from the peaks of Coerthas to Thanalan you could smell the community’s salt regarding the new i280 weapons that drop in ‘Diadem 2.0’. Weapons that, should RNGesus bless you with a drop, are better than those from both the Alexander Savage raid and by farming the Anima.

Everyone has a point of view. Of course. The raiders are angry that their ‘top tier’ weapons have now been outclassed. Anima bearers are angry that all the weeks or months of farming have now been invalidated by a new ‘welfare’ weapon. Others could not give a damn. I am in this final group. My words are not to take value away from the opinion of the other two groups. This is simply the way I think about this issue and I feel like sharing it. Why?

Because it was damn time I started blogging again.

It’s power doesn’t matter. We are only a few months away from Stormblood and when that comes all our hard-earned gear becomes obsolete by the nature of a vertical progression MMO game. The same thing happened with Heavensward. Everyone with a ‘Final Witness’ title had their Bahamut gear outclassed by leveling gear. It is ‘the way things are’ in a game like this. Our weapons, no matter which job or content we do, will soon become irrelevant (sans glamour) and I don’t see the need to stress myself for an upgrade at this point in time.

It won’t stop me from doing my Anima. I don’t farm that one for power. I have taken it really slow but am making progress because, to put it simply, I want to have it. To say “I did it”. A new weapon would be a cool thing to have, but that won’t stop the goal I have set for myself. Yeah, it’s a grind, but it’s one I chose to undertake (at my own slow pace, truth be told). Not even for glamour; unlike other job Animas, the Black Mage one is not cooler than 2.0’s Stardust Rod Relic.

It doesn’t invalidate your raid successes. The wonder of raiding comes from beating the challenge with your friends. The exhilaration of seeing the screen fade out and show the enemy that stumped you for days falling in combat. The screams of victory in voice chat. That’s raiding. Having the latest gear is always a plus, but a new weapon down the line does not (and should not) invalidate the fact that you triumphed over the challenge.

So when this morning I woke up and found out the salt that i280 weapon had caused I was a bit stumped. I checked opinions on both Twitter and Reddit. People have their points of view and that’s fine. I guess I am just glad I don’t see the problem with a weapon like this existing, RNG and pre-expansion period factored in. I won’t tell people to stop raging – not like they’d listen to me – or to not unsubscribe from the game – as some are doing – because if that’s what they feel they must do, then that’s fine.

Tonight I may jump into the new Diadem. Or maybe just do a roulette or the Void Ark chain for coins. Whatever gives me light for my Anima. The plan hasn’t changed. I will soon put all my gear in the ‘glamour’ box, when Stormblood gear comes, as it does in any other vertical MMO.

Oh, and I am visiting Zhloe. Those orphans need a future and they sure need someone to help them besides that klutz of a Miqo’te.


4 thoughts on “Diadem Weapons

  1. I share your sentiments on this. When I saw the salt flying, my first thought was… But, this new weapon is so RNG! So even IF the event spawns when you’re there, and IF your map can down the event boss, then it’s still a big IF you get the weapon, and IF the weapon is for the right job… followed by random stats on the weapon!

    People are raging over something that most likely few people will get, especially in the beginning while the boss is hard to kill. There’s no promise the weapon will even be useful to your main job, even if it is looted. And come Stormblood, all this will be moot.

    I understand people have put a lot of time into Relic and are put off. But. Do content because you enjoy it or appreciate the reward. In the long run, Relic will only be for the achievement or glamour anyhow.


    1. Do content because you enjoy it or appreciate the reward.

      This. The entire Anima relic isn’t for power – as it is a casual weapon – but for the journey, the experience and saying “I did it”.

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  2. All games will put some thing in to allow for those not near where they need to be moving into the new expansion. It also is encouragement to possibly try something a bit harder in the current. I’ve watched the complaints in Warcraft for 8 years. Some days I think people just want to complain about the trivial things because others will agree with them.

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