Give me Destiny 2

Oh, I am commenting on rumors and speculation. How could I not?

This morning’s leak of supposed promotional material for Destiny 2 appeared on the internet. First from an Italian website and then from sources at ‘Italian Gamestop’. It got people in a whirlwind of reactions ranging from ‘fake’ to ‘hype’.

The leaked material. Image taken from a link in the GAF post that broke the news.

Cool things to note in this poster:

  • Guardians are not wearing helmets. They did say that the only thing we would keep from Destiny was our appearance. Maybe there’ll be a push to do more content without helmets (in Destiny all non-social content is done with helmets on… it is space, after all).
  • Is that Earth? Or somewhere else? There were theories that the jump from Destiny to its sequel would be a catastrophic attack to our planet.
  • The Traveler is in the background, right above the Warlock’s head. Or at least it looks like it.
  • There will be a Beta. I am so there (or at least will try to).
  • The ‘exclusive content’ logo can be seen up top. Possibly more Playstation exclusive content, just like in Destiny. You can also see a bit of the Playstation blue waves in the top left of the poster.
  • September 8th. Friday. Some say Europe can sometimes get games on a Friday so perhaps September 5th for America?

All cool tidbits… for a rumor.

Or it was a rumor until Jason Schreier from Kotaku stepped up. In a tweet he confirmed the leak was real. If you follow Destiny stuff then you know Schreier has a history of being accurate when it comes to revealing Destiny news. He then made an impressive statement: he heard the game was gonna be revealed today.


Timing could be off since we are just about to get Destiny’s final update (Age of Triumph), but officially revealing a sequel could get people interested in coming back for one last trip down memory lane (if you weren’t interested in doing the old raids with today’s difficulty already). And today is a Thursday, day in which Bungie posts its usual ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post. Hmmm…

***UPDATE: In a later tweet, Schreier has said that the ‘today’ part was a mistake. It will be revealed “soon”. Reiterates that the poster is real.***

Man, I love Destiny. Sure, we’ve had our differences in the past but I cannot deny that the game’s setting and lore grabbed me in ways few other games can. If they reveal the sequel today… please go pick me up at the Emergency Room of my local hospital.

Obligatory GIF:



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