World of Funtasy

I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about World of Final Fantasy. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Its lighthearted exterior hides a serious and heartbreaking plot that goes hand in hand with a deep battle system that reminds me of the classic Final Fantasy ATB system plus a bit of Pokémon monster hunting. But, then again, its main charm is the humor, such as this cutscene:

I have a pretty volatile sense of humor. I laugh at silly things. World of Final Fantasy is has its bunch of silly moments, most centered on making fun of the main male character’s intelligence. This game did a good work of bringing a smile to my face all the way to the end – sometimes out of sheer enjoyment with the encounters and how the story progressed.

Like I said, it may seem like a lighthearted game through and through, but the core plot of the game – the one concerning the main characters – is dark. I won’t spoil it further because finding out is half the fun. The Final Fantasy cameos are fast and furious featuring main characters from previous entries as well as a few obscure ones (Maduin!), but the new characters don’t trail behind. The brother and sister dynamic is great, and the cast exclusive to this game is pretty good on their own.

Well, this is far from a review. I just wanted to mention this game before I forgot this screenshots were even in my computer. It’s a good game. Don’t overlook it just because of its style.

I leave you with a few screens:


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