Random thoughts #1


Persona 5 is really cool. Really cool. It’s great as an RPG thanks to its plethora of systems and options. It’s great as a visual showcase, exuding style in absolutely every pixel on the screen. Soundtrack is also quick to find a home in your ears. I’m just 10 hours into the game and I am enjoying my time with it.

And yeah, I started Persona 5 while I am also playing Persona 4 Golden. I need professional help. However, the limited knowledge I had from 4’s combat and systems helped me catch on to 5 pretty quickly. I know the flow of things, as stressful as they are.

I won’t speak more since the game is too fresh and spoilers are the enemy.


I am not even sure what to say about the Scorpio. I could begin by saying that I’m a Playstation man so, yeah, bias. Even so, I don’t see how Scorpio is gonna help Microsoft this generation. Sure, there may be some ulterior makes-sense-business-side motive but as it is, the Xbox’s problem isn’t a lack of power but a lack of exclusive games. These days they even push that initiative that allows you to get all Microsoft exclusives on both Xbox and PC.

They even said that Scorpio will sell at a premium. The PC Master Racers are gonna have a field day making builds that can run anything better for the same price.

Again, it’s not an issue of power. It’s about games exclusive to the console.


Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic?

Sure, people can do the same (and more) the little console did with a Raspberry Pi or good ol’ emulators but…

Really? A lot of people wanted one of those. A lot of people didn’t manage to get their hands on one due to arguably-artificial shortages.

At this rate Final Fantasy XIV is gonna be a Switch exclusive. God knows Squeenix is also a company that sometimes seems to hate money.

Oh well… bring on the SNES Classic. I’ll know to not look forward to getting on.

Which reminds me that Capcom was releasing a collection of their old (and great) Disney IP games from the NES era… oh, $20? Yeah, I’ll wait.


Since I am in a Persona mood I started seeing what else was available on the Playstation Store regarding those games. There’s a rhythm game for the Playstation Vita, Persona 4 Dancing All Night, and people say it’s good. It’s a bit too expensive still so I might wait for a sale. Said game also has an inspired Vita theme. I decided to investigate a bit more about it.

I ended up on a preview of the japanese Vita theme on Youtube and I got spoiled on a critical Persona 4 Golden plot point/character, who happens to be in one of the theme’s ‘pages’.

I’m not mad because the game has been out for ages now and it’s my own fault I am just playing it now, but still, reminds us of the eternal lesson to avoid searching for anything regarding a game you are playing.

Oh and the japanese theme is leagues better than the US one.


Every day’s great at your Junes.


Happy Easter! Hope you enjoy the long weekend and have a lot of fun playing your favorite video games! Eat some chocolate for me!


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