Storm of benchmarks

Have you already tried the Stormblood benchmark? It is up now!

And in good time, too! Just yesterday I was tweeting about how Squeenix has been quiet about Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, which has been a common topic of a few podcasts I have heard this past week. While I do share the sentiment, I took some time yesterday to research just how this info drip compares to Heavensward’s. Basically, it’s almost the same as before.


With the exception of the gear set preview (which we got a sneak peek at in the benchmark) we’re pretty much on schedule, and we can expect a lot of new and cool info late May.

Maybe this feeling of “not enough info” comes from the fact that Heavensward’s final patch didn’t end up as surprisingly as A Realm Reborn. Both have their moments, but maybe 2.5X’s pacing was better and had more impact than 3.5X? The final patches did seem to spread a bit too much for their own good. Anyways, we have the benchmark. We have seen the preview. Now we wait for more info.

However, it’s good to temper expectations. And no, I am not saying to not be hyped (I am quite hyped, if you ask me). I am talking about knowing what to expect. It seems some people expect Stormblood to totally change the game; others openly voice their dislike of this being “like Heavensward with a different skin”. To each their own, really. If you will be leaving the XIV boat for X or Y reason, you’re welcome to do it – good luck in your future ventures!

Me? I’ll be joining the rest on the trip to the east! Bring the storm of blood.

Oh, and Yojimbo.


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