Sagacyte’s Dream Crate

I know what you’re all thinking… and you’re probably right.

I was recently contacted by someone from LootCrate, which is a service that I had heard before but by the virtue of my location and our imbecilic leader’s fantastic ideas (and where to find them) it’s little more than a dream to me. You have probably seen one or heard about them from people on Twitter or Youtube. Short version: monthly sub to get a box full of small geek/gaming goodies that range from apparel to pins to figurines. The idea they shared is simple enough: create a blog post about a “DreamCrate”. In other terms: “create a LootCrate with whatever it is you wish one would have”. No limits, all creativity.

I know, I know. This is basically free publicity for them. But I don’t mind. Gives me something to write about, and a fantasy to keep the blog moving. SO… DreamCrate! I’m gonna follow their usual structure for this box so, here goes nothing!

My theme is gonna be Final Fantasy. Because I love Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy. Final.

Item 1: T-shirt


There are so many great t-shirts with the FF theme around! I wouldn’t mind something exclusive, though. With XIV entering it’s new expansion soon, a related t-shirt would be awesome. I’m favorable to designs that go beyond the usual “PR art”, such as a Metroid one I got a couple of years ago:


Item 2: Pin


I can think of a hundred things from Final Fantasy that could be converted into a pin. But you can’t go wrong with one of the many sprite arts of the myriad of characters from the series. Even more modern entries have their characters turned into sprites for good old tradition’s sake. Still I would go for a classic one, such as the Black Mage pin above. Others may choose other jobs. Maybe randomize them in the box?

Item 3: Wall scroll / poster


Another indispensable item would be a wall scroll or poster to share your love for the franchise. Again, the possibilities are endless, but let’s go with Stormblood, it being the closes thing to a new Final Fantasy we’re having soon.

Item 4: Lanyard


Not much science in this one. Squeenix often has lanyards themed with FF characters that they give away during big events such as PAX or Comic Cons, and they also offer them in their store, often for member points instead of money. There’s a few variants in color and design, but they’re a cool item to have. I myself have my XIV key with one (pictured above… don’t mind the discoloring).

Item 5: Sticker


Let’s keep it simple. A themed sticker or two would be awesome! Faction logos, Chocobo or other mascot related… the possibilities are almost endless! Show your love for your favorite Final Fantasy character with a cool sticker, or maybe make your car more gentlemantly…


Item 6: Sampler CD

Final Fantasy has great music. Be it from Master Uematsu or Soken, FF titles sport amazing music that goes way beyond what game music has been for years, and Squeenix isn’t against making boat loads of CDs (and lately… urgh… Blurays) with everything you can think of: samplers, remixes, full soundtracks, partial soundtracks.

So how about a LootCrate exclusive Final Fantasy sampler CD? with tracks from different compilations? A theme from “Potion”, another from “Brass de Bravo”, a dash of “SQ Chips”, or even a piece of heaven from one of their “Distant Worlds” discs?


And thaaat’s my idea of a cool LootCrate! This is basically a dream idea so it doesn’t mean this will become reality, but hey! If I can dream of ever getting a LootCrate, I can also dream of getting a LootCrate I thought of, right?


And finally, I still know what you’re thinking and you’re probably right. Except if you’re thinking I was paid for this in any way, in which case you’d be wrong; which would lead you to back to what you were originally thinking, and that’s when I refer you to paragraph 3.


Share your thoughts!

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