Farewell, Destiny

And he shall return when it is time for the end.

Destiny 2 launches tomorrow and I just can’t wait for it to come. I have been playing Destiny on and off, from the Alpha to the final expansion (Rise of Iron), and few other games have captured my attention with its rich universe and deep lore — very important things both. This past weekend I booted up the game for what could very well be the last time. I did not go to every planet or strike, I didn’t visit the Crucible or did some much needed (and pointless) inventory and vault management. I just went to the soon-to-be-destroyed Tower and to the Russian Cosmodrome, as it is the very first place a Guardian goes to when they begin their adventure.

The Tower holds the view that captured my imagination hundreds of times: the Traveler hovering above the distant Last City. More than once I stood by the railings looking into the distance, at the lights of distant ships going to and from the city. Night falls and the glow of the city reaches Guardians who dream of the life citizens lead under the alien ‘God’ that now lays dormant above their heads. We never touched the city, just had a view from the Vanguard’s seat of command.

Destiny - The Last City
The Last City, viewed from the Tower. The Traveler floats above.

The Cosmodrome in Russia was a tad less tantalizing but still a wonder panorama: skyboxes of incredible quality serving as background to towering rockets that would have ferried humanity out of Earth, and distant noises made by the resident Fallen soldiers. As I walked around the hills, a Warlock also entered the zone; we noticed each other and he did nothing but follow me. I believe he was there on his last trip, too.

Destiny - The Russian Cosmodrome
My Guardian, on his last trip to the Russian Cosmodrome.

We helped the Traveler heal. We stopped time’s conflux. Killed the son. Killed the father. Stopped SIVA. “The children of the city are no longer afraid” said Zavala.

They will be.



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