“Please, Bungo”

Destiny’s Reddit, as it often happens with most game subreddits, has turned from praising Destiny 2 to reveling in posts about flaws or suggestions that could fix some of the problems people say the game has. Some big, some small, and some still fixated on the shaders issue (previously “wearable” items are now consumed on use). What is good about community feedback is that for every “OMG Bungo nerf MIDA” there is a bunch of good observations, some of which I very much agree on.

But let’s get serious: Bungie isn’t gonna change the fact that shaders are consumables – at least not overnight. It’s ingrained in the Bright Engram (read: “loot box”) cycle and is supposed to make you want to buy them. And neither are they gonna – to my chagrin – change the fact that patrolling a zone is a three man activity. The fact they changed PvP to be a four man deal is neat, and while it presents the problem of having to drop someone if you then wanna do public events in whatever planet suits your fancy, it is just the way the game works.

Screenshot from Destiny 2
Screenshot from Destiny 2

On the other hand, stuff like allowing you to see your fireteam’s position on the planet’s map would be quite helpful, as would be having a compass on the mini-map to help us get our bearings. I have a relatively firm grasp of the EDZ and can often get an idea of where I’m going, but other planets like Io and Nessus can be a bit more labyrinthine.

That you can’t replay story missions at will like it was possible in Destiny is an odd choice. At the moment you can only play these in the form of “meditations” from a certain NPC, but they are unchanged – no “heroic daily story mission”. This also cuts the chances of having secrets hidden in these missions, like the Black Spindle hidden quest. In Destiny 2 during a very cool mission there have been reports of hidden rooms with uniquely named mobs, but since the mission cannot be replayed at will there has been no indication of what these could mean. Hopefully this is a trick up Bungie’s sleeve for a future update.

One thing I would definitely love to see is a tracker for the items you can scan in the zones. Sprinkled all over the maps are items that can be scanned for a tidbit of extra lore. Hunting these is fun way to pass time and learn more of the game’s story and history but without a mean of checking how many there are or which ones we are missing it becomes more a matter of randomly bumping into one. Having a way to re-read those we have already scanned would be stellar, too!

I don’t wanna touch on the grind aspect that so many critique because Destiny 2 is a grindy game, as MMOs are. Yes, I am repeating that Destiny 2 (like its predecessor) is an MMO. Grind included.

Some say the “honeymoon phase” has ended and thus the flaws are beginning to show. I am still quite happy with Destiny 2. I don’t expect to play it every single day forever – soon other games or patches for games will demand my attention at least for a while. Now if only my clan could perform appropriately in Trials of Osiris the Nine or in the Leviathan raid… that’d be great.


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