It never stops

Noctis, from Final Fantasy XV
Noctis, still waiting for a defintive version of XV.

I still don’t have 280 characters to tweet.

It wasn’t long ago that we talked about Final Fantasy XV‘s incomplete story, or at the very least its weird and seemingly disappointing storytelling. Leaving crucial parts of the story for DLC wasn’t the coolest of moves but… ok. Whatever. You wanna make an extra buck and will release this clearly omitted segments for a price. Cool. But then they changed Chapter 13. They added extra segments to appease fan complains about that specific part of the game.

And now they’re adding extra cutscenes regarding events that happened way before the game started. I’m talking way before. The War of the Astrals, I believe it was called. In case you forgot (otherwise be warned: spoilers) that’s the story of how Ifrit somehow stopped being chill with the other Astrals and went on his own spree of chaos. Whatever happened here echoed all the way to present-day XV, forming part of the game’s lore. I unfortunately don’t remember much else.

This important exposition wasn’t there when the game launched. I very much doubt it was ever planned. This is all being added to provide hungry (or angry) fans with lore and story in a game that wasn’t very good at communicating it all. It’s cool that the game is still being updated with story content. It’s not so cool that this isn’t extra story content but rather stuff that should have been there from the start.

Should I be grateful that this new content will exist? Maybe. But that doesn’t remove the fact that I haven’t really played XV’s story content (DLCs) because I know there’s gonna be tweaks here and there in the future. I know you can select a chapter to play and you’ll get the info… but that is not the point. This is not a persistent world MMO where frequent additions to the story are expected. This is a game most people expected to be played once for story and more for replays or whatever. Instead now playing it again feels moot because “who knows? Maybe next week they’ll change another chapter and now the story isn’t the same”. And now there’s talks of a second Season Pass, theoretically filled with content fans have been asking for a while now – chief among them the request for more story on the villain himself.

Just when will XV be “ready”? Right now I see people on Twitter saying that they are holding off on XV since they’d rather wait until it’s complete. I am inclined to agree.

In this day of microtransactions and DLC, I still hope that Final Fantasy XVI will be a single-player game that I can play, from start to finish, and live a grand self-contained story that will leave me satisfied. I am not holding my breath, though.


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