About stopping

I was once visiting a mall in Argentina where the Sony store had set up an area to showcase the Playstation 3 and its games, having stations to show and allow visitors to try games. One of these stations had a Rock Band game (can’t remember if it was 1 or 2), and it was being played by this man, probably older than 50 years old, looking like the kind of old people that love to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. My wife told me then that she fully expected to see me like that (in the age sense, not the fashion sense) when I got older.

I am fully behind the idea of being a gamer until the day I die. It’s my hobby. My passion. What I love to do when I have free time. My drug. My escape. But I also wonder: will I truly be able to play as I grow old? Will my body cooperate?

My dad, a computer systems engineer, eventually developed a thing on his spine that was affecting his nerves and causing him to slowly lose strength and control over his hands. He had surgery and he got better. He’s no gamer. I also suffer from similar cervical spine pains due to a couple of car accidents and while I (think I) am far from these problems or weakening, I would be a fool to dismiss this possibility.

I wonder about a future where my source of gaming could end up being “Lets Play” videos on Youtube, having to tolerate the video maker’s chats or conversation while all I wanna do is see and listen to the game. VR may not reach the sci-fi-like point of allowing your brain to control games as some would expect. What would my options me if that future comes to pass? As a life long gamer – again: hobby, drug, escape – what happens when life, or a doctor, tells you “no more”?

I know. I know. Most of you reading this aren’t (probably) past 40 years old. Some are on their 20s. These scenarios seem too far away, too fictitious to even think about them… and when you do you quickly brush them off. I do too. But sometimes I do think about it.

I guess I am just in a slump. Life isn’t terri-bad on my end but things happen every day, you realize things every day.

Speaking about stopping, I have been thinking of stopping the blog. Temporarily or permanently. Not sure yet. My main platform of expression continues to be Twitter. Just not sure my mind’s in the blog enough. It sometimes feel like a void. So for the time being, this blog will be on hold or cease to exist. You can catch me in the social network of the blue bird.

Thanks for reading my shenanigans. Thanks for commenting when you have done so.

I’ll be around.

One thought on “About stopping

  1. I turn 55 next month. I’m no where near as good as I was years ago. But I still play. And please keep up the blog. I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts.


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